Life is too short to live it in a body you don't like

You can't buy the body of your dreams with all the money in the world. You can't delegate workouts to your subordinates. And you can't assign proper nutrition to your secretary. Your body doesn't accept excuses and doesn't tolerate complaining. Only correct, consistent, and timely actions will make it change. You didn't get the body you wanted, maybe you tried, but that's not enough. Don't try, - do everything right, and the result is inevitable.

Customer reviews

Andrew is a truck driver. He has a demanding job and always seems short on time. But he carved out 2 hours a week for home workouts. In just two months, he achieved the body he desired. For more details, check out IG or FB.

This is Ksenia, a mother of five and a woman with a strong character. She trains at home three times a week and discovered a passion for running. In just five months, she achieved her fitness target. For more details, check out IG or FB.

Meet Alex, a doctor with a high-stress job and always tight on time. But he carved out 4 hours a week for workouts in a small gym right at his workplace. In just six months, he achieved his fitness target. For more details, check out IG or FB.

This is Michael, a professional fitness trainer and the founder of the 'Target Fitness System' project. I'm not a fan of workouts or strict diets. I may be lazy, but I've mastered the art of negotiating with my laziness. For more details, check out my IG or FB.

don't try, - doing it properly!

Start training and eating right with an individualized workout and nutrition program under the guidance of a professional trainer. Every action you take will bring you closer to your dream body. By starting now, you'll achieve it within 3-6 months.



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