This project is designed for those who want tangible results within clearly defined timeframes. It's for those who understand that simply heading in the right direction isn't enough to reach their goal. Because even if a tiger confidently pursues a rabbit, if it's not fast enough, it will never catch it. It's for those who want to derive pleasure from fitness and proper nutrition by taking the right actions according to a well-defined plan, moving closer to the body of their dreams. Instead of going nowhere, training and eating haphazardly, exerting extreme efforts, and risking injuries while hoping for something good.


A personalized approach is essential if you want to achieve the body of your dreams. This way, we maximize the effectiveness of your actions. You'll be doing only what's necessary and nothing extra. Every move during your workouts and every meal you consume will bring you closer to your dream body. Your trainer must consider your personality type, your lifestyle, your preferences in both workouts and diet, and many other details.

This ensures a seamless integration of workouts and proper nutrition into your revamped lifestyle. Of course, it's crucial that the workout and nutrition program you'll follow leads you to your goal. But it's equally important that you enjoy not just the results but the entire process. If you end up hating every workout and every meal, it won't last long. You'll revert to your old lifestyle, hating fitness and proper nutrition.

If the new lifestyle, with workouts and proper nutrition, becomes more enjoyable for you than the old one, you'll keep going. Living differently is much more pleasant, and the reward awaits you: the body of your dreams. To guide you to your dream body, deep and focused work is necessary, but we'll simplify all your actions as much as possible. Good results don't happen by chance, and nobody wants to follow complicated programs.

 project goal

The goal of this project is to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives. Rarely do people know exactly what they want; most of the time, they are uncertain and think it's not so crucial. It's impossible to help someone achieve their goal if they don't have one. If you have a clear goal, you definitely need an individualized workout and nutrition program tailored to your specific circumstances. This takes into account your age, medical history, injuries, health condition, genetic makeup, metabolism rate, and many other details. My project will help you identify your true goal, even if you haven't figured out what it looks like yet. Once we've defined it, we'll reach it together.

How it works

You fill out a new client questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us understand your current physical condition and what your fitness goals are. Next, the trainer asks you some clarifying questions, and after a few days, you'll start training smartly, where every action you take brings you closer to your dream body. All other details will be clarified during your fitness journey.

flexible control system

You can set your goal, request a personalized workout and nutrition program, and then follow it independently, asking questions to the trainer when they arise. You can enhance your individual workout and nutrition program with daily coach supervision. This is a powerful addition because each day you'll have a clear task list for the current day. You'll need to report on what's done and what's not, and you'll receive an evaluation.


Based on these evaluations, on a weekly and monthly basis, you'll get an average score, indicating how well you've worked and what results to expect. In addition to all this, you can book personal online workouts, where the trainer will monitor every move you make. Personal workouts add motivation because if the trainer watches you at every workout, the quality of your workouts will be higher. You won't want to skip workouts because the trainer will be waiting for you.

brain training

Educating clients is crucial. The more clients understand the essence of the processes, the easier it is to work with them, and the cheaper their fitness services will be in the future. A professional fitness trainer needs to study many medical-biological disciplines, training methods, and understand how all of this will work in hundreds of different cases. But clients only need to learn what's necessary for them.

You don't need to graduate from a university for this because the amount of knowledge you need to acquire is hundreds of times less than what a trainer needs to learn. You'll be involved in fitness for the rest of your life, so there's no need to rush your education. You'll gradually master a new body of knowledge at your own pace.

However, if you don't want to learn and don't plan to do so in the future, the trainer will spend more time on you, and it will be more expensive for you. You'll decide which path suits you best. The project's goal is to help you define your goal, achieve it, stay fit anytime and anywhere, and improve your physical condition when you choose to. It also aims to assist all segments of the population in staying in shape.

They have achieved their targets

These are just a few of those who have achieved their dream bodies in periods ranging from 2 to 6 months. All of these individuals share the secrets of success. They weren't afraid to set a specific target within specific time frames. They knew exactly what they wanted. Their targets were realistic and achievable. They knew what they were getting into and were prepared to pay a fair price for their target, both in terms of effort and self-discipline. Moreover, they turned to the Target Fitness System, where they were helped to formulate their targets, create individual workout and nutrition programs, and achieve their goals as easily and quickly as possible.

Andrew is a truck driver. He has a demanding job and always seems short on time. But he carved out 2 hours a week for home workouts. In just two months, he achieved the body he desired. For more details, check out IG or FB.

Meet Alex, a doctor with a high-stress job and always tight on time. But he carved out 4 hours a week for workouts in a small gym right at his workplace. In just six months, he achieved his fitness target. For more details, check out IG or FB.

This is Ksenia, a mother of five and a woman with a strong character. She trains at home three times a week and discovered a passion for running. In just five months, she achieved her fitness target. For more details, check out IG or FB.

don't try, - doing it properly!

Start training and eating right with an individualized workout and nutrition program under the guidance of a professional trainer. Every action you take will bring you closer to your dream body. Start now, and you'll hit your target, within 3-6 months.



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